"I for one am so glad they do what they do...music is one of the last things the brain hangs on to and to see the happiness they bring to the residents is just amazing!" 

    -Judy Cunningham
Share Your Testimony With Us
"I have followed Free2B not only because Kim and CJ are my friends, but because of their ministiries.  I have followed their music from playing at our church every Sunday, other churches, colleges, senior centers, and medical care facilities just to name a few.  However, it was not until I set at the back of the room at one of the medical care facilities that I saw the depth of their ministry.  It was Valentine's Day and one by one the wheelchairs came into the room, whether being pushed by staff or the limited strength they had, some propelling their own chairs into the room.  They were curious to see what the music was all about that they had heard from down the hallway.  Free2B was warming up, and before you knew it the room started to fill up.  Only a couple were joined by their family members on this special Valentine's Day, and the rest were alone.  Kim and CJ thanked them all for coming and the music starts.  Many patients came in with no expressions on their faces and barely lifting their heads. I watched as the music played, a ray of sunshine enter the room. It was if angels had just joined us.  Heads lifted up focusing on the front of the room where Kim played the guitar and CJ on the electric piano, singing with heart and soul.  Their words and music begin to fill the room. Fighting back tears of joy, I observed patients clapping their hands, smiling and yes, even singing along.  All of a sudden the room filled with love, song after song.  If just for that hour the worries appeared to be gone and they were wrapped in God's arms.  The hour ending, Kim and CJ thanked all the patients for coming. Then a suprise to many Kim asked if she could give everybody a hug.  Kim walked up to each patient and asked if she could hug them while CJ played softly in the background.  My heart warmed as I witnessed every single patient open their arms up to welcome Kim.  The joy and power of the hugs showed in their faces; they just knew by that hug that someone cared.  Just because some of the patients didn't have a friend or family member there, they all of a sudden knew that they were not alone at all.  The power of God's love and word is shared through music, peace, joy, hope and hugs.  Thank you Kim and CJ for sharing your gift of music, touching one heart and one soul at a time.  Godspeed Sisters in Christ!"  ​
     Love you, Kim Wegner